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Break Out These FIVE ACTION STEPS to Get Sponsor and Racing Career Success!

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Racers, It’s time to break through those fences that are holding you back from your destiny!

Today’s success strategy is to understand everything is about MINDSET. To WIN BIG you have to think BIGGER than the guy or gal in the car next to you, you have to think BIGGER than you thought in your last race, you have to think BIGGER than you ever thought possible. That requires MASSIVE ACTION on all fronts.

MASSIVE ACTION is something that can be scary and exhilarating. Like an amusement park ride, you are in for a thrill, but at the same time wondering if you can really make it or not! Why? Because for some people MASSIVE ACTION suggests that you have to WORK HARD for very little, give away who you are and at the end of the day walk away with nothing.

The truth is MASSIVE ACTION is the mindset of knowing to your core, HEART and SOUL that you will walk away a WINNER! be fearless be boldIt’s knowing WHO YOU REALLY ARE! When you have it figured out, when you see yourself as powerful, when you can embody that winning attitude ON and OFF the track, then everything else just falls into place.

This is the REALITY of sponsor attraction. The fans, the sponsors, the teams, the cars all come to you because of you being BRAVE and showing the world who you really are inside.  The struggle, the grief and the hard times fall away, because STRUGGLE is the opposite of winning!

Struggle is the product of FEAR BASED CONTROL. And fear based control happens when you don’t really believe that you can have what you really want! When you KNOW what you want and BELIEVE you can really have it, you step into a zone where everything begins to work in your favor!

Does this mean you get to sit around and wait for things to fall out of the sky? Not really… you have to take ACTION.

Creating these actions means you have to keep them moving and maintained so they grow and create BIG value for your racing and attracting more sponsors.

Here are MY FIVE PROVEN ACTION STEPS that will fire up the SPONSOR attraction process and create results for your racing career FAST:

1.)  Create and maintain a winning social media marketing plan where you are authentic, showing your real personality and transparent with your fans (the more real you are the more they “buy-in” to you, as fan who will spend money with you or a sponsor who will get out the checkbook because they resonate with your “authentic brand”)


2.)    Keep a FUN and CONSISTENTLY INTERACTIVE Facebook Fan Page that attracts the Likes and catches the eye of sponsors with money to spend (think of your page like it’s your party and you are the host – keep them interested, entertained and make them feel appreciated – they want more and more of your daily routine and really want to get to know you – so make them feel like friends)


consistency3.)     Having a marketing message and materials that do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you (show so much value that when companies see it they know immediately that you can provide the solutions they need for their company)


4.)     Attending networking events and working on relationship building (getting yourself out there more so more company leaders can ‘discover’ you and create ways for them to stay connected with you as you build a trusting relationship that eventually can become a financial backer for your racing)


5.)   Charitable endeavors for public image and social proof that you have celebrity power and presence for a brand and cause. PLUS when you GIVE you receive. Planting good seeds with your time and effort with giving can grow great things for your racing. (Sponsors love cause marketing and when they see you can be a factor in raising significant money and awareness for a charity – they look at you as a value to what you can possibly do for their brand and company)


Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready to take massive action? I am ready to help you experience these breakthroughs to success in your career.  You must be ready and committed to succeed, which means saying to yourself: “I refuse to stay where I am, I will take action to change my life today no matter how big of a step out of my comfort zone it is!”

Declare who you really are!  Take action and remember you will see results if you are consistent with these actions and you stay in total belief without any doubts! Don’t let fear creep back in!  Stay powerful in your purpose!

I am here to help you and support you all the way!!  YOU GOT THIS!

“Coach” Annamarie

Are You Accepting Change? Marketing Yourself With The Times

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I have a lot of racers ask me what is the best way to make it to the high ranks of racing by marketing? Well, in this video and blog post, I want to share with you my knowledge on what you can do to make this dream come true. If you truly want to make it, you have to embrace change! Below is one of my free youtube videos you may not have seen before and some notes on how you can get going on your marketing. The video and notes below bring together important things you can do right away to help make your career more successful by taking control of your marketing.


“If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done”  this brings you to marketing yourself – even if you never did it before – it’s what you have to accept and start doing to see the results you want with your racing career or team.


What are the keys? 


Big Money ? Big Connections ? Big Sponsors ?


How do I get these things? 


  • You must have the right mindset. You must think big and visualize yourself accomplishing your goals.
  • Study successful people and see what they are doing.
  • Be willing to change and adapt to the new racing and the self marketing required for success!
  • Create your own presentations
  • Be committed to marketing yourself
  • Check your favorite driver’s twitter and facebook pages, check their website, see what they say in their interviews. Use that to learn exactly how you should be acting. Just be careful and don’t allow your emotions or bad behavior to hurt you.
  • Ask yourself: What are the expectations of a driver on a high ranking level?
  • Ask yourself: What do I need to do – to be a bigger driver on a higher level?
  • Two big keys to making it in racing these days with internet marketing and social media, being proactive in your marketing and handling it yourself.


  • REMEMBER: Don’t dress for who you are, dress for who you want to be! Dress for success!



Kodie Conner – Student Testimonial and Success Story

Home | Client Success Stories | Kodie Conner – Student Testimonial and Success Story

Kodie on Mindset and things he learned in Bootcamp with Annamarie!



Kodie Conner has taken the knowledge gained working with Annamarie and turned it into success!





We SUCH an AMAZING weekend at the 1st Annual Suit UP Conference!

Home | All About You | We SUCH an AMAZING weekend at the 1st Annual Suit UP Conference!

We had a GREAT conference this past weekend filled with learning, breakthroughs and new friendships.  I want to thank our esteemed judges for attending and sharing your knowledge with the group! We truly appreciate your presence with us on Saturday.

I wish you all had been there to join me for the conference. I know that the picturesdon’t EVEN do the weekend JUSTICE so I have got to share this with you! We had NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Driver Jordan Anderson visit and speak with us. Jordan is well known for his self-marketing  skills and strong faith. A great question and answer session after he spoke gave many the enlightenment and boost of faith they needed.

I shared an eye opening teaching that I have never shared with anyone before. We had some breakthrough masterminding sessions, social media sessions, a shark tank competition, great food, karting party and new friendships and connections!

In this video Michelle and Keith Matheson attended our 1st Annual Suit Up Sponsorship Conference with their upcoming pro racer son, Jake Matheson of Jake Matheson Racing. They are based out of New Hampshire and Jake is moving up through the ranks from driving bandoleros to legends cars. So happy they could make the trip down to NC for this conference and I am so glad they got alot from it! Excited to see them next year!

I hope to see you at next year’s Suit Up Conference! Stay tuned and be watching my messages! I have new programs launching in the next week or so that are in response to YOUR needs and your requests and can’t wait to share them with you!


PS. Don’t forget to watch for coming information about my new programs and check out all the conference pictures HERE! 
WOW!! My VIP Student Anthony Miller Racing put this amazing video together from our First Annual Suit UP Sponsorship Conference! Thank you so much for this it really captures the essence of our event! Can’t wait till next year! ‪#‎suitup2016‬

How to Attract Sponsors with Public Speaking

Home | All About You | How to Attract Sponsors with Public Speaking

Public Speaking is One of the Most Powerful Sponsor Attractive Things You Can Do For Your Racing Career.  

Now to some of you, this statement might make you step back a few steps and think speaking in public terrifies you. You might be saying, NO WAY.  I realize that this is very daunting in many people.  There have been studies where people say that they are actually more afraid of public speaking than dying!


Wow – that is harsh – but I know and understand that this is a real issue for many of you.   I personally love public speaking – I consider it teaching and a way of giving of my knowledge and gifts to those who come to listen and learn from me and my experience. I am really pumped up when I get on stage and the adrenaline is flowing! It’s like my race car fix! I love the energy and the connection I can make with my audience – it’s my passion.

But for many of you, who are looking to attract more sponsors and advance your racing careers – you hear many times that good speaking skills are a must.  Yes, this is true – especially for aspiring professional race drivers. So crucial in fact, I have built it in as one of my most important elements of my coaching programs for racers and made it an integral part of my Sponsor Attraction System™.

I am here to tell you today that public speaking is extremely powerful and actually speeds up the sponsor attraction process.  Do not fear! You can become a skilled public speaker and make it a powerful addition to the marketing benefits you offer!

In this video below, I give you the reasons why public speaking is so powerfully sponsor attractive and how to utilize for your own racing and career. Plus steps on how you can get started doing this for yourself. (watch the video then scroll down for more tips and success stories on how my clients have attracted sponsors right from public speaking appearances!):


Why Public Speaking Makes You Extremely Sponsor Attractive:

  • Builds your “Celebrity” Value
  • Lifts you to the level of an “Authority” and “Leader” figure in the community or industry
  • Establishes you as a professional “Spokesperson”
  • Shows you can attract an “Audience”
  • Gives you an “Emotional” connection with people
  • Shows you can be transparent and open to ‘sell’ your own story so you can ‘sell’ a sponsor’s story
  • Raises your Marketablity and Value of what you can offer
  • Grows your Authentic Fan Base (potential customers for sponsors)
  • Gives you a broader “Point of Discovery” for potential people who may want to work with you

The above items are exactly what sponsors are looking for in today’s market. They want and need a spokesperson who can be a respected authority with celebrity appeal to speak on a subject and who can connect emotionally with an audience. Plus a leader who has a growing fan base to attract and grow their audience of potential customers for their products and services.

When they have a “Point of Discovery” with you when they see or hear you speak – that’s when you have planted a seed in them ==>> “who is this driver? I want to get to know them better”……

This is where they take ACTION to reach out to you or start to follow you because your speaking connected to them emotionally in some way.

It is crucial that you come prepared to your speaking appearances with business cards and hero cards to have as handouts so people have take away materials to follow you on your social media, and join your email list.  This way they can grow into loyal fans or potential sponsors as they get more emotionally connected with you   

I will tell you how powerful public speaking has been for our clients and students.  We have had business people come up to them after their speaking appearances and ask how they can get involved with them and their racing programs,  AND we even had an instance where three of our female racers where actually presented lucrative sponsorship checks the very same weekend that they spoke at a Women’s business conference with me in Florida last fall!



Here is a photo of me with my students – racers Mandy Chick, Alyssa Lasater and Madyson Mulligan recieving sponsorship checks on stage out of the blue from a businessman and his wife who heard them speak on stage and tell their stories the day before. How’s that for powerful?!  Plus they picked up a large fan following and several more new interested sponsor prospects just from that one speaking appearance. I was so proud of them and worked with them closely before – coaching them to make sure that they were properly prepared to do this. I wanted to make sure that the results for them would be exceptional at this event – especially since I was also a featured speaker.  I never send my clients into a situation that I don’t feel they are prepared for and that I know they can get the best results from.

I am teaching and sharing this part of my Sponsor Attraction System today because I know it works – and combined with the rest of my system strategies my clients have become sponsor magnets!

So let’s get you started SPEAKING so you can start ATTRACTING:

  • Start with your mindset – know and believe you have something good and important and of value to share with an audience
  • Start with small groups – especially kids (they are an easy audience)
  • Make your subject easy to start; race car safety, don’t text and drive etc
  • Use a powerpoint slideshow with pictures to prompt you through your speach
  • Bring props to help you and engage the audience (helmet, suit, or race car itself)
  • Start with 15 minutes and build up
  • Write your “compelling story” and post it to attract speaking engagements
  • Get involved with your community, schools, churches and charities where you can have a chance to speak and practice your story
  • Start offering to speak at business events in your area – telling your story, being motivational, inspirational, fun and exciting/new subject for their meetings or conferences. They are ALWAYS looking for new stuff to add to their meetings and conferences. Be the one who does this!

Implementing above items will give you a good start.  This takes practice and repetition, the more you do this the better you get at it like anything you do.  Who knows? You could find out that you are a great speaker and it will be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things you do!  Remember how much it adds to your value as a marketer and professional race car driver! In todays market this is what sponsors EXPECT and WANT – so YOU will be AHEAD of the game! This will motivate you to press on!


Assignment:  Reach out to small groups to get your first speaking appearance. Use the tips that I have given you in the above post and video. You can do this and the kids will love you! Remember to bring handouts that have your social media and website on it so they can follow you – especially if they can bring these home to mom and dad! Parents own businesses and could become potential sponsors.  This is a great place to start.  Speaking is about giving of your time and make it good for the audience so their “point of discovery” with you grows into bigger things!


“WAIT – I NEED HELP!!”  Does the thought of public speaking still terrify you? Or are you not sure you can really do this on your own?  I am here to help you! I offer personalized public speaking and media coaching in my VIP program – geared and strategized for you to use your speaking in the best and most effective way to attract sponsors.  Reach out to me today here and we can discuss your needs and how I can help you become an awesome speaker!


Racers, Is Your Daily Routine Hurting YOUR SHOT at Racing Success?

Home | Annamarie's Blog | Racers, Is Your Daily Routine Hurting YOUR SHOT at Racing Success?


A teaching message that you have heard me repeat over and over to my racers is: Racing is a business.  If you want to attract sponsors, funding and big opportunities in this day and age in motorsports, you must run your racing program, team and career as a well-run business would.  Putting tried and true ‘business success’ daily practices in place for yourself are crucial to your growth and how to achieve desired results.

Managing your time is the most important element in this practice.  I know you work hard, I know you want success really bad and have sacrificed alot to try and get there and even stay successful. But when you look back at the end of each day or week, were you “busy” or where you “productive”?

I tell my clients and students THIS to help them be more productive: “Where you put your time, attention, focus, energy, action and money is where you will see results, good or bad.”

Ask yourself the question>> “Where am I putting most of my time, attention, focus, energy and action?”  This could be very telling in why you may not be seeing the results where you want them to be.

When you want a faster race car, you don’t just put your time, attention, focus, energy, actions and money just into your engine, right?  You put it also into the chassis and other components of the race car, too.  You don’t just want a fast motor and it is worthless because the rest of the car breaks all the time! This is just common sense.

So, with attracting good sponsors, funding and bigger opportunities for your racing career, this comes only with putting your time, attention, focus, energy, action and money behind your marketing. It’s consistent marketing that causes these great sponsorship results to happen.

Are you putting your time into marketing? I know it’s something many racers put on the back burner because you want to focus on other things in your racing.  BUT you want the money to race, right?  You want BIG opportunities for your career, right?  Back burner marketing does not get you the sponsors or opportunities you are hoping for.

Marketing needs to be a PRIORITY. If marketing yourself and your team is not a priority with your daily routine, it will actually hinder and stop the flow of good opportunities and sponsors to you, or even worse – drive away the sponsors you have!

Think about this: If you are not good with time management with your own marketing, how can you set aside the time to make sure you do the marketing needed once you HAVE the sponsor?  Then what?  So it’s crucial that you get on a good flow with marketing now.

You are probably saying – you are busy on the car, racing itself,  busy with work, etc – how can you fit in the marketing?

This comes with managing your time, and using tools and technology to help you.  In this video I give you strategies on how to do exactly that and after the video scroll down below for my top time management tips for racers who want to create good marketing practices that create awesome sponsor results!

Watch Video then scroll down for more strategies to get you started and on track!


  • 1.) Use technology – time management apps, calendars, reminders (I use google calendar and love it!) My Top Time Management Tips For Racers That Want Sponsor Results:
  • 2.) Get help on things anyone can do, to free you up to do the important marketing (many of the teams I coach get tech interns from local colleges to help on the race car with the easy stuff and it frees you up to really lead your team like a business – which you need to be the “FRONT MAN” when it comes to marketing and business/fan relationships)
  • 3.) Make marketing a priority and set time aside for it each day (use time saving social media apps and you can set your posts on Facebook ahead of time)
  • 4.) Give yourself accountabilty or get an accountabilty buddy to push you to get it done!
  • 5.) Show publicly how good you are with time management IE: Get to the track extra early, send calendar requests to potential sponsors for call appointments or meetings (well run businesses attract other well run businesses and you never know who is watching you)
  • 6.) When your week goes well, your weekend goes well. Getting yourself and your team on a common schedule (sharing your google calendar) whiteboards posted up with tasks and deadlines (leadership)
  • 7.) Motivate yourself by setting daily/weekly marketing goals and deadlines.  I have a cool planner that my students and I use and it works great for that purpose, you can purchase it on amazon.com here http://a.co/0u3sKpM


Where are you wasting time?  What is always tugging you away from being productive? Address these issues and create solutions that keep you from getting sucked back in to time wasters. IE: Social media scheduled for only three times a day, emails scheduled for only morning and evening, return phone calls only at a certain time of the day, etc. Create a calendar and schedule for your marketing and communications.  This will make you more productive with your marketing and free you up to do more planning good promotions and networking to attract and connect with companies who can become sponsor relationships.

Still not sure how you can do all this, work on your car, race AND do your own marketing so you can attract and keep sponsors? I provide solutions and strategies to my clients and students in my programs each day. Because of these time management practices that I have personally designed for them and their situations they have been able to quickly acheive the results they want for their racing – way faster than they would on their own. That’s the beauty of having a coach because we come in and analyze your situation, design solutions that we know work and help you carry them out with support, motivation and accountabilty. So many of my clients say to me, that has been one of the biggest shifts for the better in their racing and lives!  This is why you see Marketing At Full Speed clients and students having success attracting and keeping sponsorships – this can be YOU too! Reach out to me today for a free call and talk to me about what you are struggling with. Click here to contact me. I am here for you! ~ Annamarie


Three months to RACING CASH – Inspiring Story of Joey, Justin, Hooters, Harley’s and Driving Dirty!

Home | Annamarie's Blog | Three months to RACING CASH – Inspiring Story of Joey, Justin, Hooters, Harley’s and Driving Dirty!
Frustrated with your racing? Not sure if you are ever going to get what you truly want and dream about? Still in need of good sponsors and funding?  I had to share this story with you today for my racers who need some inspiration!  You will feel better after you read this, be able to take some strategies for yourself here from these experiences I am sharing  – so please read on…..


We have had many success stories with our racing kids and teens and now it seems to be the season for my guys and gals who have a few more years of the sport under their belts pulling off some amazing things with our coaching!

So many racers come to me and say; “wow- your programs have done alot for the kids and families in racing…” – but they don’t realize that we help ALL ages of racers and teams succeed with their sponsor attraction and careers.

Here is where the story gets better – step in my two clients, Joey Sylvester of Ohio and Justin Simonson of Colorado.  These two guys were probably two of the best students I ever had the pleasure to coach – and they are from the “over 20” crowd and “seasoned” racers! These two men have “three months to racing cash” success stories with my coaching programs and I am proud to share them with you today…..


Joey connected with me at the PRI show and after attending my seminar there he pulled me aside and said to me:  “I feel like I am doing everything I can with my marketing – but I just cannot seem to break through to attract the bigger sponsors I need and take my racing to the level I want.”  (First of all, I am only 5’2″ and Joey is a massive body builder!) His presence alone was very powerful and I knew I had a man here who was larger than life, and very sponsor attractive – he just needed the right strategies in place, which I could give him. When I met him, I could feel his energy of frustration of not being where he wanted to be in racing and I felt like his soul was speaking to me. I felt an instant connection with him and I knew I could help him turn this around for the better right away!

Joey quickly enrolled for my three month VIP coaching program and I dug in deep with him in our online sessions.  Very simply I was able to find things that would work for him, that were right at his fingertips, things that sometimes when we are frustrated, we cannot see for ourselves. That’s the beauty of coaching, and something I pride myself in. I can see these things around you as calm scope, focused on the full picture around you.

One thing Joey had, was this start of an apparel business, called “Drive Dirty”. I knew he had a gold mine here waiting to happen, he just needed the right strategies to tie in his own business with his racing and use it to leverage sponsors. Plus Joey’s amazing presence – we needed to take that even BIGGER.  That is exactly what we did, and what happened for him next was sponsor attraction flowing in and quickly once we made that shift.  

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! Last weekend my client Joey Sylvester proudly un-veiled his brand new Dirt Late Model filled with new sponsors and his Drive Dirty program, complete with fully stocked apparel trailer, and announced his racing and Drive Dirty tour with his own brand and sponsors products being sold at race events!! This all came together at his new partner’s Harley Davidson dealership location!! Can I tell you how proud I am of this guy!! He is on his way!  Not only with new sponsors for his racing but his business going to the top level too! We combined everything to work together and leverage each other for both business, racing and sponsorship! It will be a well oiled marketing machine for Joey to attract more sponsors and make plenty of money for his racing for years to come!!


Here is what Joe says about working with me these last three months:

Working with Annamarie over the past 3 months has truly been a pleasure and a learning experience.  She offered a fresh, outside look into my marketing program and quickly pointed out my strengths and weaknesses.  She taught me how to capitalize on my strengths and how to change the areas that were lacking.  Before working with Marketing At Full Speed, we were focused too much on trying to sell the series we were racing in to our potential partners instead of marketing myself as a brand ambassador for their company no matter what I was racing.  She taught me what I needed to do with my proposals and how I needed to approach companies.  Annamarie’s Sponsor Attraction System makes total sense to me as opposed to the way I have been going about securing sponsors over the past several years.  As it turns out, and with Annamarie’s insight, we decided it was best for me to change my racing program completely from off road racing to dirt late model racing in 2015.  This was a big step in my career and she was there coaching me the entire way and showing me a lot of positives to this major change.  By marketing myself more than the series I was racing, allowed this transition to be much easier in terms of securing sponsors due to the fact that I was now marketing myself as a racer more than trying to sell the series I was racing in.

Overall, I am very pleased with her services and knowledge.  She is very upbeat and positive as well which is key to making all this work.  Without a positive mental attitude nothing is going to work in your favor.  I had days when I really felt like I was beating my head against a wall with the things I was trying to accomplish but Annamarie would always somehow show me the positive side of things.  I would suggest her to anyone, young or old, in any form of racing that is looking to improve their presence as a driver and become more well known in the eyes of potential sponsors.  She will teach you the proper methods of building a proposal and how to “attract” sponsors as opposed to trying to find them and make cold calls.” – Joe Sylvester, Joe Sylvester Racing  http://www.joesylvester8.com/


WOW! I was so moved by that testimonial Joey wrote me last night, but I am even more moved by what we were able to accomplish together and the fact that Joey put his trust in me. For that I am truly grateful and that’s where the miracles and positive shifts can happen. I am so happy for him and feel blessed to be a part of this for his life, business and career! (he likes to be called Joe, but he will always be “Joey”  to me – love that guy!)





Wait! There is more to inspire and teach you today!! We cannot forget about my client Justin Simonson! (and there are more “orange” sponsors coming in on this one for some reason, lol)

You might see yourself in Justin, so it’s worth it to read on and see how his story can help you too.

Right away, Justin felt like a younger brother to me, maybe because we have similar personalities. Justin has a very ‘giving’ good guy nature, but when he first came to me over a year ago he was in a terrible place with his racing! He was getting taken advantage of horribly by a so-called “marketing agent” who promised him the world and was giving him nothing but lies and taking Justin for almost everything he had! (have you been there?) He needed to figure a way out of this and fast! So, he reached out to me for help.  I told him to schedule a one hour private strategy session with me that week and I would help him with immediate solutions.

In our first strategy session call, Justin told me about his situation where he was stuck with this so-called “marketing agent” who wanted him to bring all his racing equipment to his facilty and become a “partner” with him in his marketing business, and that he would use Justin’s equipment to build a show car and entertainment business that would get Justin sponsors.  Justin had been working with this  “so called marketing agent” for months with no results, no leads and many empty excuses and it came down to the day when this marketing agent was getting very demanding about Justin bringing everything he owned to his facility. He became very pushy and Justin was feeling very suspicious.  In the same week rumors were getting back to Justin that this so called agent (we will call him ‘creep’)  was going around town telling people he “owned” a race team.  Using Justin’s cars and passing them off as his own!

Can you say, throw the RED FLAG?  Here is the deal racers, there are tons of these types of charletons (creeps) out there trying to take advantage of good racers like Justin and yourself – so many times I have to get racers out of bad deals like this and help them rebuild!

I told Justin to walk away immediately from this situation! Get as far away from this guy as he could and start having confidence in HIMSELF that he did not need a marketing agent – he could succeed at attracting all his own sponsors for his own racing team!!  (Sometimes you just need to hear that you CAN do this yourself and that was exactly what Justin needed).

Understand racers, when you think you need someone else to find you sponsors, that’s when the creeps come out of the woodwork and try to take advantage of you! This is what I am trying to stop! I am soooo tired of these creeps ripping off and lying to racers! I want to smash them out of the business – they are hurting so many and giving marketing a bad name!

Listen to me! You can learn how to attract your own sponsors and you will never ever need anyone to do it for you and you can protect yourself from these creeps! That is what we teach here in our coaching programs, and that is the good that is happening for our clients now – learning this in just a few months that is paying off years down the road for them! They are empowered and independent with their marketing! YES! Amen!! Thank you God for using me this way! I love this sport so much! I want to protect and equip you guys for success and make YOU great marketers as well as racers! This is the key to changing our sport for the better – I know this with all my heart.

With Justin, he felt VERY empowered after just our one session together and he did exactly what I told him! A few months later he had some great new things happening in his racing and he had been asked to be a part of a reality TV show set around a few top racers at Colorado Speedway! I was so excited to hear from him and that he was doing better! (Truth: once you get the negative out of your life you open the door for new positive things to come in…..)

One thing Justin was still needing was major sponsors and a marketing package, plans, strategies and clear branding. He was ready and confident to do what it took to learn from me and make this happen for himself and his racing.   Last October, Justin enrolled in my VIP coaching program.

Justin also brought in his fellow racer and producer of their reality show, Matthew Sowash in on his online coaching sessions with me and I helped them create a combined super hot marketing program, packaging and plan.  (I loved working with these two – had a blast)  One of the things we did was I showed them how to use their new local reality TV series to leverage their sponsor attraction plan, something they were not able to do the season before.  Then we assisted Justin in building his confidence up in his own celebrity presence (he is a good looking guy – just needed to be OK with getting his face out there more….) Also, like many of you, Justin works on and builds his own late models (asphalt) and is on the road with his job. But I easily designed a self-marketing system for him that works with his busy life.  Then just a few weeks after we concluded our three month coaching program together, Justin landed the biggest title sponsor of his career. Hooters of Colorado!!! Whooo hoooo! (see where the orange comes in again? hehee….)




Here is what Justin says about coaching with me and the results he accomplished:

“Annamarie is an expert in her field and very passionate about helping people achieve their goals whether it was a personal or business related goal. I always enjoyed talking and working with her on the ideas that I had good or bad. The direction she would provide for my goals, aspirations and dreams has been invaluable for my future in racing and marketing. The results that the JSR team has had in the last six months has been great. Everyone on social media and at the track has been asking me how do you get these big sponsors? I reply with: “call Annamarie at Marketing at Full Speed or find her on Facebook or any other social media!”  Before working with Marketing At Full Speed the JSR team had some small sponsors here and there using some marketing tools but no big sponsors to get to the next level. After working with Annamarie in her VIP program I have experienced so many new exciting things like building my celebrity to attract sponsors, building fans/friends/followers on social media, having a brand that I can be proud of and a partnership proposal that has blown the sponsors away once we presented to them. The three most significant improvements after working with Marketing At Full Speed is the social media “Buzz” that is blowing up, organization of all the marketing tools, programs and strategies. By getting organized you can be more productive with your valuable time as a striving race car driver. As you interact with potential partnerships/sponsors you feel confident in your program from business cards, flyers, websites, proposals and advertising avenues that potential sponsors can see you have all your ducks in a row. Then all you have to do is close the deal and talk about how much they are going to pay you. Speaking of that, I recently signed and announced a major sponsorship with Hooters of Colorado – All thanks to Marketing At Full Speed and The Sponsor Attraction System! If anyone has questions about the value of  Annamarie’s coaching program, please have them call/email/message me on social media and I would be happy to talk with them and tell them about my story to success.” –  Justin Simonson, Justin Simonson Racing, justinsimonsonracing.com

Well, all I can say to that is I hope that creep that tried to take advantage of my brother Justin here sees that Justin came out on top!!  YES!! I always say, SUCCESS is the BEST revenge!  I am so proud of Justin and he is on his way to huge stardom in Colorado and beyond (oh and now he and Matt are doing “rap” videos with Hooters girls on their youtube channel – nothing holds him back now!) – Life is good for Justin Simonson Racing and I am so very proud of him! I am happy because he is happy and succeeding!

Feeling better? I hope so! I want these stories to give you HOPE……

It can be GOOD for you too! You DESERVE great things to happen for your racing too and you don’t have to stay stuck and frustrated. I am HERE for you just like I was for Joey and Justin and it is my mission in life to help racers who need me. Look what we were able to accomplish together in just three months of coaching!

Joey and Justin said YES to INVESTING in THEMSELVES to coach with me and I helped them get a return on their investment and more. I appreciate their trust and taking my strategies and flying with it!!   I hope you were inspired by these two amazing men and their racing success stories today and I would be honored to have you be my next success story!

Need to talk?  I am here!  Contact me today and we can schedule a free call just go here to request your free call with me and my assistant will get you on my schedule asap.